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Giving You Better Boating Experience

DEKit is a customizable , non-skid boat flooring overlay that will improve your boating experience.

DEKit boat flooring foam offers a smart-looking solution for the boat owner who wants a comfortable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance decking option. All foams offered by DEKit are UV-resistant, oil-resistant, non-absorbent, and anti-slip, providing you the reliability, performance, and durability you and your boat deserve.

DEKit boat flooring can be custom-made to fit a wide variety of applications on any type of vessel or boat, including but not limited to Jon boats, aluminum boats, ski boats, skiffs, commercial boats, sailboats, houseboats, fishing boats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddleboards. DEKit uses state-of-the-art technology throughout our sales, manufacturing, and installation departments to ensure a precision fit, lasting finish, and a better boating experience that is available in multiple color combinations with a variety of finishes as well as the potential for custom logos and patterns.

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The Process

Digitally Scanned

Give us a call today to receive a quote and schedule an appointment. DEKit uses advanced machines to precisely measure the surface where you want DEKit installed.

CNC Precision Cut

Our CNC machinist preps the machines and monitors your foam while it is being shaped. Our well-kept machines allow for clean, precise cuts.

CAD Designed

Next, our experienced CAD designers use the scans of your boat to design the DEKit best fit for your needs.

Professional Installation

Our trained DEKit installers then carefully install your foam decking with the utmost care for a perfect finish.

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Where Will Dekit Stick?

DEKit can be applied over existing non-skid. All DEKit foams come formulated with a 3M™ acrylic-based high-bond pressure-sensitive adhesive, designed for application to most non-skid, non-slip, gel coat, Awlgrip, and painted/metal surfaces
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Is DEKit Easy to Clean?

DEKit is built to endure the demands of life on the water, from spills and dirt to sunscreen and fish mess. Cleaning is a breeze with just soap, water, and a brush, ensuring lasting value. For stubborn stains, SoftScrub, Simple Green, 409, or bleach are effective solutions.
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What is the Longevity of DEKit?

With proper installation and care, DEKit can be expected to last 5-7 years. For increased longevity, it is recommended that the boat be covered or stored out of the elements. Reducing long-term exposure to the sun when not in use, will help extend the life of your decking and reduce color fade.
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Does DEKit Get Hot?

DEKit is designed to allow use even on the most sun-filled days and not reach temperatures seen by traditional fiberglass and aluminum decks. Due to its closed cell structure, DEKit is inherently designed to dissipate heat. Thus giving users hours of barefoot comfort.
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