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About Us

At DEKit, we’re passionate about enhancing your boating experience. With a deep-rooted love for the water and a commitment to safety, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing top-quality boat decking solutions.

Our Story

DEKit was born out of a desire to address a common concern among boating enthusiasts – the need for reliable, non-slip boat decking. We recognized the potential risks of slippery surfaces on watercraft and set out to create innovative, high-performance solutions. 

Completely customizable

Better Boating & Protection

Reliable, Non - skid surfaces
Transparency and Honesty

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing products of the highest quality. Our materials are built to withstand the rigors of the sea, ensuring longevity and performance.

Quality Boating experience

We understand the joys and challenges of boating, and our team consists of experienced water enthusiasts. We supply products with a genuine understanding of what you need on the water.

Safety First

Our top priority is your safety. DEKit's anti-slip boat flooring ensures confident footing, no matter the conditions, allowing you to enjoy every moment on the water without worry.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is our goal. We provide exceptional customer support, ensuring you have a seamless experience from selection to installation.


DEKit’s non-skid, exclusively cross-linked PE/EVA foam products offer secure and more comfortable alternatives to standard non-skid surfaces. Combined with our 3M PSA and UV Protectants, your finished product will provide years of enjoyment, beauty, and comfort. With an industry-leading 3-year warranty…we stand behind these claims and our product.

When you’re looking for non-skid foam decking for your boat, look no further. We specialize in making your boat deck reliable to walk on, even when the material gets wet. Our marine decking won’t get slippery like many other materials, giving you a sure footing when you’re trying to navigate the waters. With an industry-leading four-year warranty, you can rest assured your boat is as reliable as possible for years before you need to replace your marine non-skid flooring.

When you choose our nautical decking materials, you can rest assured we can customize the flooring to fit perfectly in your boat, no matter its size or style. We work closely with you to ensure you have quality flooring that lasts and won’t leave you slipping and sliding as your boat rocks with the motion of the water. We understand how important it is to have solid footing whenever you’re on your boat and make sure you have it.

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